From Injury To Rehab To Recovery!!

Suffering an injury no matter how big or small has the ability and potential to flip your entire world upside down. One minute you are curling 60 pound dumbbells and the next minute you are curling 5 pounders. Suffering my most current injury has not only been a very interesting journey but it has been full of challenging experiences and times of regret and even depression.

Over 20 weeks ago I suffered what I am now calling “A life changing injury”. While I’d like to say I was wrestling a bear off of an innocent by standard I can’t.  A 100 pound AC unit caused all this damage to my arm in mere seconds. Snap Crack Pop and well that’s all she wrote. It has been downhill since then. I suffered a Torn Bicep or the professional wording a “Distal Bicep Rupture” That’s right I ruptured my bicep.

I could not prepare myself for just how deflating this injury was going to be. A torn Bicep is nothing to brag about. It has been a long, painful and discouraging road which I have been traveling, and up until a few weeks ago there hasn’t been much, if any, normalcy to my life.

Not being able to wash myself, drive my car, help around the house, cook, lift, mow the lawn, earn a living, well more or less contribute in any way in my life has been challenging and upsetting to say the least. You find out the hard way just how much friends and family rely on you but also how much you rely on your body/limbs to get through each and every day.

I have experienced high and lows. Good days usually consisted of being able to move my fingers, slightly bend my arm, hold a ball or even turn my wrist. Now the bad days are where the injury took its toll on me. This is where the mind games come in. As I would sit there alone most of the time thoughts of “Am I going to be able to use my arm again?”, “Will I be able to lift again?”, “Will I live a normal life?”, “Will the pain go away?” are just a mere few thoughts I had racing through my mind, DAILY. Combine that with the nights were I would sit up at night trying to twist my wrist, move my arm, form a fist, or even touch every finger to my thumb, it’s no wonder why I suffered in silence the way I did.

I have never wanted anyone to feel sorry for me, that has never been my intension. However what I would like everyone to know is that people going through injuries no matter how big or small may be suffering in silence just as I have been doing for weeks on end.

I feel that we all need to understand that no matter the extent of the injury the individual is going through, they are going to need a great supporting cast around them to help them achieve their goals and get through the rough days that they have ahead of them. They are going to need their family and friends encouraging them in any way possible. Helping out in the simplest form could go a long way. From taking them to get groceries, cutting the grass or even just asking them how their day has been has the ability to help them in ways that you can’t imagine.

So the next time you know someone going through an injury, rehab or even just a hard time in life, offer up just a moment of your time for them. I assure you that your time will not be wasted. Even if it seems the individual is not grateful or happy you are there, know that whatever it is you are doing for them will leave a lasting impression in their mind. One day in the near future they will come around and just might surprise you and thank you for whatever it is you had done for them during their time of need.